Social Community Participation

Social Community Participation is a program developed to enable support workers to take NDIS participants out into the community for activities that promote socialisation and communication.

Social Community Participation can be individual, with one carer taking the participant out to an activity (such as shopping or a concert) or it can be a group activity (such as bowling, putt-putt golf or the cinema).

What We Do

When an individual wants to go into the community for a particular activity, such as shopping and posting the mail, a carer from All About You Supports can collect the participant from their home and help carry out the logistics of the day.

Our carers are wonderful people and strive to form meaningful relationships with participants.

Our carers can also help participants to build on their social skills and be an active part of their local community. Social Community Participation can be similar to a participant’s Day Program, however, it is not limited to fitness/recreation activities.

Example Activities

Participants are able to choose the activities they wish to participate in. It is a requirement that the activity aligns with their NDIS goals, but provided that is the case, participants can choose what they would like to do. Examples include:

  • Shopping
  • Swimming
  • Attending a gym
  • Running errands
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Visiting the park

We advocate for freedom of choice and welcome suggestions of meaningful activities that NDIS participants would like to do!

Accessing the Program

All About You Supports provides this program to both children (under 18) and adult (over 18) NDIS participants. If you are a NDIS participant, there’s every chance we can help you.

Service availability: The service can be accessed seven days a week for any time of day (including after business hours). Currently, we provide services within Newcastle, the Hunter Region and the Central Coast in New South Wales.

Meals are not included in Social Community Participation programs. It is the participant’s (or their carer’s) responsibility to provide either money for lunch or packed food.

Read a Social Community Participation Success Story

We recently helped a client whose favourite activity was bowling.

At the start, the person could not bowl independently without the use of the rail to push the ball down the lane. Over time, as this person’s skills and confidence improved, they are now bowling without the use of the rail!

The person loves to visit the bowling alley and have a laugh with their friends because it is a very social, positive environment.

I’d Like to Work with AAYS, What Should I do Next?

We help participants to reach their goals, whether it is a personal goal or an NDIS-based goal. Let us soar to new heights together!

To work with us, you can either fill out the simple referral form on our website or

phone our office on 02 4915 6771 and chat with our staff about an appointment with the service manager.

How is Clinical Care Organised?

An assessment is undertaken during the first meeting with the participant. All About You Supports would request an external provider to deliver any clinical care that is necessary.

Social Community Participation FAQ

  • Do All About You Supports staff complete reports following Social Community Participation outings?

    Yes, absolutely. At the completion of a shift, a report is always written by the support worker.  This report would outline information such as:

    • Details of what the activity entailed
    • Any behaviours or challenges experienced
    • Information about whether any goals were reached or what goals were worked on
    • Any positive outcomes relating to goals or other experiences
  • Is All About You Supports able to help NDIS participants to access assistive technology? 

    We can help an NDIS participant find the right Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist to support assistive technology requirements.

    NDIS participants can access useful equipment to help them achieve their mobility, independence and community participation goals. Examples of assistive technology include:

    • Manual & electric wheelchairs
    • Four-wheel walkers
    • Walking sticks

    Contracted Occupational Therapists then complete a report and provide evidence as to what assistive technology would best suit the participant. All About You Supports can also provide documentation in support of a request.

  • Is Social Community Participation listed as a goal in a client’s NDIS plan?

    It falls under the category of Core Supports within a participant’s NDIS plan.

    Each plan is built around goals; Social Community Participation is a flexible component that can be used with a day program or as individual needs dictate.

    How the allocated funding is spent is up to the participant and their caregiver. NDIS participants have the option of working with AAYS plan managers to optimise their budget.

  • What outcomes can increased Social Community Participation lead to?

    It can contribute to a significant change in confidence for NDIS participants.

    Our experience has shown us that when participants are learning how to be socially active in an independent way, they become able to do things that they never thought they could do before.

    For example, if it is someone’s meaningful goal to walk 500 metres and be able to visit the shopping centre, and they actually achieve that, they are likely to set another goal and soar to new heights!

  • How are services for Social Community Participation booked? Do they need to be finalised well in advance?

    We can usually finalise arrangements within 24 to 48 hours.

    For new clients, we meet with the participant and their service manager. This meeting can take up to two hours and will include the service manager completing a profile. We then match the client with an appropriate support worker.

    If the client is someone whose plan we already manage, then this process can be quicker.