We service the following locations:

  • Newcastle Region
  • NSW Central Coast
  • Maitland

Properties are available to:

  • NDIS Participants
  • Council, State, Federal & Government funding (such as DCJ funded) programs

Our properties are available to adult NDIS participants, regardless of how they’re currently managing their plan.

Living arrangements we help with

We offer a range of different accommodation options including:

  • Short Term Accommodation Assistance (STA)
  • Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Take a tour of our accommodation

For people that would like to learn more about our properties, the options are:

  • In-person walk-through (free of charge) – this allows people to see the premises and meet other residents
  • PDF brochures we can email or mail
  • Asking us questions through our contact page

Will I need an assessment from an Occupational Therapist?

This is not necessary, however, if the person would like an assessment by an OT prior to moving in, we can arrange this.

How much does it cost?

If a participant is self-managing their plan, when they contact us to book, we can simply tell them the various prices of our accommodation and options. If the participant is plan-managed by AAYS, we can hold a meeting to discuss long term budgets for this service.

Are pets allowed at the properties?

We allow therapy pets, as well as assistance dogs. Other pets are not permitted.

Is my family allowed to visit me?

In regards to Short Term Accommodation, typically, there is no visitation, as this is a form of respite care. Additionally, we are mindful of the privacy of our other residents. If someone would like a visitation, our management will organise a custom schedule. In terms of Supported Independent Living arrangements, people are allowed to visit these properties.

How are participants well-matched?

AAYS does its best to match people to appropriate properties, serve their individual needs and help people work towards their meaningful goals. When we have our initial meetings with our participants, we create a participant profile, in which we gather information such as:

  • Understanding abilities, behaviours, challenges and goals
  • Preference between male and female support workers
  • What disability access, such as wheelchair ramps, are required
  • What other supports are required
  • Religious, cultural or other beliefs we will respect
  • What activities they like to do

We understand that everyone is unique, and no matter the circumstances, we do our best to cater to all people. The participant profile helps us to match what property they would be best suited to. We try to match people with similar capabilities, goals and activities, so the person can participate in a social and fun environment.

What other supports are available?

There is a range of different supports available in our properties, these include:

  • Qualified support workers
  • Transport
  • Modified kitchens, bathrooms and amenities
  • Safe cutlery
  • Disability access and modifications (ramps, rails, wide doorways)
  • Quality lighting
  • High-quality flooring (as even as possible)

We also cater the house to move items if it is going to be a barrier for the participants. We will set a schedule before a participant visits to ensure items are removed if they are going to be seen as a danger for injury to themselves or others, and add items that a participant would like.

All houses are adaptable according to the goals, requirements and preferences of our clients.

We also welcome walk-throughs from Occupational Therapists and other medical professionals to conduct assessments to ensure our properties are suitable and safe.

What should I know about AAYS support staff?

All AAYS care staff are trained in Certificate IV or higher in disability support and receive ongoing professional development to provide better quality care. Carers learn about our participants prior to meeting them (from the profiles we create).

We then offer a meet and greet so everyone can start forming a bond before services even commence. The process gives the participant choice and control over their support workers.

This is important because typically, carers and participants will be partnered for the duration of our engagement. We accept feedback about our carers and can re-allocate new carers if that is ever necessary.

How can we check if the accommodation is suitable and safe for me?

This is something that can be asked during the initial meeting. If a participant is high functioning, then it is likely no assessments are required.

At times, we can organise a Physiotherapist & Occupational Therapist to attend the properties to ensure they are safe and conducive to independent living.

We also have the ability to help people apply for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) if that is necessary.

In what ways have AAYS properties been refined?

AAYS is mindful to alter and improve our properties over the years. It is our mission to provide the best support possible. For example, at Puzzle house, we recently completed a renovation and:

  • Installed a sensory room
  • Lined the floor with new carpet and lino
  • Created new lounge rooms

We asked for feedback from families who attend the properties on a regular basis, to see what they would like for their sons and daughters to help them feel at home and help towards their goals. We are proud to say, each new AAYS property is starting with a host of features we’ve developed over the years.

Ready to try new accommodation?

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