Sensory Room Hire

A sensory room is a safe room that is used to provide a calming environment. These rooms can be very helpful for people with heightened senses to help regulate emotions and/or behaviours, lower stress and lower anxiety.

The sensory room includes:

  • Fibre optic lights that change colour and intensity
  • Optional music
  • A pod chair (it is like sitting on a cloud)
  • Bubble jet machine
  • A writing & texture board

These features are lovely to experience and provide a comforting visual, auditory and tactile environment. Typically, sensory rooms are a place to unwind, so there are no books, puzzles or educational material, as some participants may find that overwhelming. We set up the room in the way the participants would prefer.


Our sensory room is available to the entirety of the Australian public, including adult and children NDIS participants. Our sensory room is available under a number of different capacities, including private hire, Day Programs & as part of our Short Term Accommodation – which takes place at the same property, there is no added cost.

The Australian public may also book our room, people do not necessarily need to be residents, NDIS participants or existing AAYS clients to book the space. We also welcome external care staff to visit our room to support their clients.

If an NDIS participant would like to access our sensory room, this can also be achieved as a day program. AAYS can organise transport and other care required to facilitate this.

The sensory room must be booked to be used (even for residents of our property). Bookings allow us to set up the space appropriately, as well as keep a record of our attendees. To book our wonderful sensory room please contact our office.


Please call our office to confirm availability.

Generally, the room is available between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, 7 days per week.


Our sensory room is located in one of our residential properties in Waratah, NSW, 2298.

Upon booking the room, we will provide the full address.


Please see the pricing table below:

AAYS Participants

$15 per hour

Australian Public

$20 per hour

Those who stay overnight in STA have complimentary entries subject to availability.

Why Offer a Sensory Room?

All About You Supports works with a range of different participants, some who are living with sensory processing disorders and/or neurological conditions. Some of these people express difficulty regulating their emotions, behaviours and the way they are feeling.

To serve the community better, we felt by designing a sensory room, it could help people stimulate positive emotions and feelings. This room is a resource for people to use, then hopefully leave and feel better, which may help them with the rest of their day without feeling like they have no control over what their body is doing.

Want to Try a Sensory Room?

We would love to hear from you. All About You Supports is an Australian disability support company helping people soar!

  • We welcome clients and guests
  • Our property is suitable and safe for NDIS participants
  • Our team are professional and caring
  • We succeed when you do

To book our sensory room, please use our contact page. Or get in touch with our office for any other questions.

Sensory Room FAQ

  • How is the room supervised?

    Supervision always depends on the participant themselves.

    For example, if a participant requires constant supervision, then that is what will happen.

    However, if the participant is safe and happy, they can access the room by themselves independently.

  • How is the room customised?

    The first stage of this process is the booking form, then one of our staff members will be in touch to ask the person’s preferences, such as:

    • What are their favourite colours?
    • Would they like a darker or brighter room? Or both?
    • Would they like company from a carer or would they prefer to be independent?
    • Would they like relaxing music?
    • Would they like any items, such as books or musical instruments?

    This process helps our staff tailor the room to that person, to best suit their needs and preferences. The room audio/visual is not controlled by the participant, it is pre-programmed by AAYS staff.

    A sensory room can provide different items to stimulate/relax different parts of the brain, these rooms are used by participants to soothe themselves and improve their wellbeing.

  • How was the sensory room designed?

    In mid-2019, a wonderful support worker from AAYS met Newcastle-based sensory artist, Bliss Cavanagh, who had done extensive work for the Newcastle City Council. Bliss is a lovely person who has personally benefited from these rooms.

    Our support coordinator pitched the idea to AAYS management, saying “She does sensory rooms for companies, maybe that’s something that our participants could benefit from”.

    We spent a few months researching Bliss’s work and how it would benefit the mission of All About You Supports. We finally reached out to Bliss and put our ideas forward to her, and then she created a 3d image of the prospective sensory room. See below.

    We decided this would be a wonderful addition and decided to install one at our Waratah accommodation.

  • Does AAYS have any sensory room success stories?


    We had a participant visit our property for 30 minutes. During the walkthrough, the person saw the sensory room and was greatly intrigued. The person told us they would like to book the room and use it independently, as they believed it would help manage their behaviour.

    The person would visit the sensory room and play their guitar and look at the lights. The person looked forward to playing almost every day they could!

    We asked this person about the experience and their words were:

    “I get a really good vibe from this room”. 

    They said this with a gentle and calming smile.

    The person appeared jovial and at peace. They felt like they could really benefit and get the most out of themselves with their guitar being in that room.

    We are proud to say, this person also became a Short Term Accommodation client. They spend a good amount of time in that room and it has led to meaningful, positive outcomes.