What is Support Coordination and why choose AAYS?

Support Coordination is a funded support under the NDIS that helps you to understand and implement your NDIS plan. At All About You Supports we will provide you with a Support Coordinator that will get to know you and have a firm understanding of your goals and needs to provide you with the highest quality of supports. We will work with you to ensure that you receive the supports and services that are tailored to you and are required for you to remain independent in your everyday life and lifestyle. Your Support Coordinator is there to support you to have choice and control over your services, providers and how you use the funding in your NDIS Plan.

Support Coordination service location

All About You Supports currently have capacity to offer our Support Coordinator’s service to the Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Region, Central Coast and Sydney area.
Each participant is allocated a personal Support Coordinator in which they can contact via phone, text, email, zoom or they can request a meeting with them face-to-face.

What our Support Coordinators can do for you:

  • Work with you to achieve your goals
  • Help you to understand the NDIS
  • Connect you to service providers that suit your needs
  • Support you with independent decision making.
  • Help you to implement your NDIS plan and allocated funding
  • Assist in times of crisis
  • Support you to resolve issues/disputes with other service providers
  • Collect reports and organize appropriate assessments to prepare for plan reviews

Services Available

All About You Supports assists participants in accessing any services required to meet their goals if the NDIS feels they are ‘reasonable and necessary’. Our wonderful support coordinators are familiar with the high-quality service providers in each area and strive to match our participants with the best fit for their needs.

We can help you obtain the best service providers in the following fields:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Pathology
  • Psychology
  • Dietetics
  • Music Therapy
  • Behavior Therapy
  • Gardening
  • Care staff
  • Transport
  • Short Term Accommodation & Assistance (Respite) – Available for adults (over 18) only
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL)
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Our NDIS Support Coordinators

Each participant is allocated a personal Support Coordinator from AAYS. This staff member will be your singular point of contact. The only exception would be, if that staff member is on leave.

Our NDIS participant clients can contact their Support Coordinator via phone, text or email, or they can request a meeting with them face-to-face.

Starting NDIS Support Coordination

If you are an NDIS participant and would like All About You Supports to provide you with Support Coordination of your NDIS Plan, please start the process by filling in our referral form here.

You may also phone us on 02 4915 6771 or use our contact page to ask any questions.

We currently only assist NDIS participants. If you would like advice on how to become an NDIS participant, please contact us. AAYS do not help people apply for the NDIS, however, we can help you find a Local Area Coordinator that can.

NDIS Support Coordination FAQ

  • What do NDIS Support Coordinators do?

    Support Coordination involves helping participants with their Plan and engaging with all their providers to achieve their goals. Our duties involve coordinating the reasonable and necessary supports for NDIS participants.

    This includes:

    • Helping participants understand and implement their NDIS Plan
    • Assistance in monitoring the NDIS budget and funding expenditure
    • Identifying options (funded, mainstream and informal networks)
    • Sourcing appropriate supports and services in respect to the participant’s location and goals
    • Empowering participants in how to manage their Plan and exercise choice and control
    • Optimising NDIS Plans by assisting with a budget plan for supports and services
    • Providing annual reports to the NDIS
    • Helping establish NDIS goals and reviewing them appropriately
    • Holding ongoing progress updates with the participants
    • Engaging with providers to help participants meet their goals, such as providing feedback about their services
    • Empowering participants with strategies to get the most out of their therapies

    Our commitment to investigating the bespoke options for each participant provides opportunities to explore and connect with the community and alternative support.

    Our Support Coordinators help participants reach decisions regarding services. They will then enter into an agreement with each provider to commence services and ensure the new support arrangements work well.

    We also offer specialists coordination services to resolve crisis points, provide parenting training, and help participants integrate into their network or community.

  • How do we set NDIS goals?

    Goals are unique to the participant, and should be meaningful for them. Goals can be big or small.

    Personal, meaningful goals are used because when a task is intrinsic to that person, this will typically improve motivation towards achieving those goals. We may ask questions such as

    • What would you like to learn?
    • How would you like to improve your physical capacity?
    • How would you like to become more independent?
    • What social or community activities would you like to do?
    • How do you want your daily life to change?

    It is also the responsibility of the healthcare providers we connect you with to set realistic goals that are clinically appropriate.

    Goals are then formalised and listed in the NDIS Plan, including strategies on how to achieve them.

    For example, a meaningful goal may be “I want to improve my mobility and be able to take myself to the local football field” or “I want to walk 500 metres unassisted” and the strategy to achieve this may be “Prescription of a custom wheelchair and physical rehabilitation with a Physiotherapist”.

    Goals are reviewed during each NDIS Plan review and may carry over to the next Plan.

  • What happens during our first meeting?

    The first meeting can take place four different ways:

    1. Over the phone
    2. Over the internet using video-conferencing
    3. Face-to-face at our office at 11/48 Oakdale Road, Gateshead, 2290 or;
    4. Face-to-face at your home, workplace or location you are comfortable with

    If possible, please organise your Carers or Guardians to attend the meeting. Please also provide us with a copy of your NDIS Plan.

    We will firstly ask questions about your NDIS Plan, please answer as openly and honestly as possible. The overarching purpose is to determine how we can best help you achieve your goals. We will review the current Plan, reports and discuss any barriers preventing you from achieving your goals, and how we can overcome them.

    We will explain what you are entitled to in the Plan, how many hours you have available, and assist with an initial budget breakdown.

    In this first month, AAYS will spend approximately 5-10 hours with the participant and Carers.

  • How do you know Service Providers that are right for me?

    We advocate for freedom of choice and respect all the decisions our clients make.

    Put simply, we will investigate the possible options for you. For example, if two healthcare companies look promising, we could request more information from them, such as brochures about their services. You may wish to use a healthcare company with female clinicians, as this could be a cultural or personal preference. So, we would research appropriate providers within these criteria.

    We also develop relationships with quality businesses that offer a high level of service and have a proven track record.

    If you have feedback or concerns about your service providers, please let us know, and we will help you find a solution.

  • How much time will the NDIS coordinator need from me?

    The AAYS Support Coordinator will spend up to 5 hours a month for the participant until the end of their Plan. During this time, we will perform the tasks listed above on this page under the “What do NDIS Support Coordinators do?” section.

    Over the long term, we also help people with their NDIS Plan reviews, as well as submit compliance documents to the NDIS.

Ready to work with All About You Supports?

  • We listen to participants and their Carers. We like to understand who people are as people – not just NDIS participants. We find this approach helps us form strong relationships
  • We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to ensure all parties are committed to your goals
  • We are flexible and highly responsive to feedback
  • We succeed when you do

Please feel free to use our contact page to get in touch.