NDIS Plan Management

All About You Supports (AAYS) offers NDIS Plan Management for both children (under 18) and adult (over 18) NDIS participants. We first started offering this service in 2018.

Who Can Access NDIS Plan Management?

We are able to offer NDIS Plan Management to all NDIS participants that are located in NSW, as this service can be performed remotely.

What is NDIS Plan Management?

NDIS Plan Management involves working with participants to optimise their funding, services, healthcare and long-term management of their NDIS plan. Some of the tasks we perform on behalf of our clients are:

  • Setting up the plan
  • Managing service bookings (times and dates you will receive services)
  • Providing access to our Care Advantage Portal, which is an app participants can download to view their NDIS plan, invoices and dollar amounts in each category of funding
  • Claiming services with the NDIS
  • Paying all third parties and providers (we do so within seven days)
  • Encourage choice and control over their plan funding

As we make monthly statements and offer the live Care Advantage Portal, participants will only be required to communicate with us once per year (for NDIS plan reviews). However, if our clients have any questions, they are free to call us anytime.

NDIS Plan Management FAQ

  • How can an NDIS Plan be optimised?

    Put simply, this relates to helping participants receive value for money when spending NDIS funding.

    There are price guidelines from the NDIS which govern all NDIS providers’ pricing for their services. Meaning, there is a maximum rate each provider is allowed to charge. Additionally, it is possible to spend the funding on independent support workers.

    As part of our NDIS Plan Management, it is our responsibility to assist our clients choose providers that are economically viable for them. We may consider services from private companies with an ABN and relevant insurance instead of registered NDIS providers.

    This allows the NDIS participant the maximum choice for Self or Plan Managed scenarios.

    AAYS help optimises NDIS plans by:

    • Negotiating rates where possible
    • Suggesting high-quality providers that have demonstrated a high level of service
    • Notifying participants when they may be spending too much money in any budget area and re-budgeting appropriately
  • What happens if I want to cancel with All About You Supports?

    We would firstly ask for your feedback as to how we can serve you better, we highly value constructive feedback.

    We encourage freedom of choice and our clients can cancel their services with us for any reason. To cancel please email, phone or leave us a message through our contact page.

    Removing All About You Supports from the NDIS Plan requires only 14 days’ notice (by the 15th of the relevant month).

  • What are the advantages of Plan Management over Self Management?

    Self Managed participants are required to perform the paperwork and keep a copy of their paperwork at all times. Self Managed participants can be audited. Self Managed is suitable for those who want to manage their plan independently.

    The core advantage of NDIS Plan Management is for us to manage the administrative duties of managing the NDIS Plan, paying providers and storing accurate information which is helpful for auditing purposes.

    NDIS Plan Management is designed to simplify the process of managing a plan.

    There are no differences in funding between Self Managed and Plan Managed NDIS plans.

  • I’m currently self-managing my Plan, can I swap to Plan Management?


    Those currently self-managing can contact NDIS for a light touch review and add ‘Plan Management’. Our NDIS Plan Management services do not use lock-in contracts.

    If you are an NDIS participant and would like All About You Supports to manage your NDIS Plan, please start the process by filling out our referral form.

    The process can take as little as 2-3 hours.

  • How many times am I expected to meet All About You Supports?

    Typically, this is once per 1 to 2 years during an NDIS Plan review and the meeting would take place approximately 2 months before the review date.

    With that said, clients can contact us anytime for any questions.

Contact Us to Manage Your NDIS Plan

NDIS participants are welcome to visit the AAYS office at 11/48 Oakdale Road, Gateshead 2290 to meet us in person. You can self-refer, there is no need to obtain a referral from a GP. It would be helpful if you have a copy of your NDIS Plan at hand.

You can also start the process by phoning us on 02 4915 6771. We are happy to answer any questions before you make any decisions.

There is no requirement to visit our office, everything can be performed via phone or using video-conferencing if that is what you would prefer.

To start the process now, please either:

  1. Use our online referral form here, and we’ll contact you back via your preferred means or;
  2. Phone 02 4915 6771


Our Communication

During our initial meeting, we will ask the ways in which you would like to be contacted. We will contact NDIS participants when there are changes to their Plan and help them rebudget appropriately. This can be either through:

  • Care view advantage
  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • SMS
  • In-person meetings

You will be assigned a dedicated staff member to manage your NDIS Plan. You will be contacted for all updates and may phone us anytime.

What Makes AAYS a Great Provider?

  • We keep participants updated 24/7 through our app
  • We offer a high level of communication
  • We encourage choice and control over plan funding
  • We are highly empathetic people that love the opportunity to represent the NDIS sector

Contact us on 02 4915 6771 or use our contact page.