Disability Services for Adult NDIS Participants

All About You Supports provides wonderful disability services to adult NDIS participants, who are usually aged between 18-65. People at the age of 65 have the option of moving to an aged care package, or they have the choice of staying on the NDIS.

We can provide supports for many areas of adult life! Including:

  • Driving
  • House cleaning and domestic duties
  • Parenting
  • Managing relationships
  • Joining community or social programs
  • Feeling comfortable and safe at home
  • Staying fit and healthy

For adult NDIS participants, we can definitely provide supports within individual circumstances, from daily activities, personal care, community access, respite and more. Please browse our disability services here.

How We Help

At AAYS, we strive to form meaningful relationships with the adult participants we partner with. We know that as a team, we can soar to new heights together!

Please view our values and mission on our ‘About’ page.

A perfect outcome of partnering with AAYS is to help our clients work towards their meaningful NDIS goals and to receive a high quality of support from our organisation.

Who We Support FAQ

  • I'd like to consent my spouse, family member, or carer to handle NDIS and All About You Support matters. What needs to be done?

    We need to have newly written consent or existing consent forms.

    In this scenario, we would contact the NDIS and exchange the necessary client consent forms.

    These would need to be signed by the participant, the parents, guardians or appropriate trustee if the person is unable to make those decisions on their own.


  • How can All About You Supports help me with long-term budgeting and understanding the financial side of the NDIS?

    We know that people spend their money on their education, their life, supports and other areas and how the NDIS funding impacts this.

    Firstly, we would meet with our clients to ascertain what supports are required and what funding is in their actual NDIS plan.

    We would then allocate our appropriate staff (such as a Support Coordinator, Plan Manager or Carer) to sit with the participant and work out a weekly, fortnightly and monthly budget.

    AAYS empowers our clients to soar and we would be encouraging them to be in control of this.

    We take the time to educate our clients on what the NDIS pays for in a clear and concise way.

    There is quite a difference between NDIS managed plans, plan managed plans and self-managed plans and the differences may become unclear. There are also other opportunities available, such as Centrelink, which we may encourage clients to pursue.

    In any case, please simply call AAYS and express your requirements and our Service Manager will begin organising this for you.


  • Is there a minimum or maximum amount of time I’m locked into AAYS's services?


    You are not locked into our services for a minimum/maximum amount of time.

    We encourage freedom of choice. You are welcome to exit our services at any time and for any reason. However, we’d always love to know what we can do better.