Proudly Serving All NDIS Participants

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Children (Ages 7-12)

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Teenagers (Ages 12-18)

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Adults (Ages 18+)

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Appropriate Clients for All About You Supports

AAYS is appropriate to serve all NDIS participants.

We’re able to provide supports to many different people with diverse backgrounds and disabilities. We offer a range of disability services.

Currently, we do not provide services under the Early Childhood / Early Intervention programs for children aged 0-7. If you are a parent researching supports for your child, we suggest contacting your GP, the NDIS or phone our office and we will try to point you in the right direction.

Who We Support FAQ

  • My child is nearly aged 7 and we’d like to work with AAYS, what should we do?

    Typically, after an early intervention program or for new NDIS participants, the family are referred to the Local Area Coordinator (LAC) program.

    It should also be noted that people do not automatically follow through from an early intervention plan to an NDIS plan, because an NDIS plan offers a different funding structure in respect of providing supports to those people.

    The LAC will go through an information-gathering process and apply for the NDIS.

    Once that first plan is approved, the LAC will help those parents engage with providers or therapists. This includes providing parents with recommendations or referrals, as well as advice on how to use the NDIS search tool to find appropriate providers.

    At this point, you are welcome to mention that you are interested in engaging AAYS.

  • Do I need to live nearby to AAYS offices to access your services? (Gateshead NSW, Brisbane QLD)

    No. You can live anywhere in these states!

    We have the ability to use the phone, video conferencing and other forms of communication.

    Please contact us for confirmation. This really comes down to an individual basis and the supports required.