At All About You Supports (AAYS) we help our clients to live independently for as long as possible.

For the past twelve months our team has been helping a 45-year-old Mount Hutton resident who has increased their independence – and their confidence – since starting with us.

Initial assessment and goal setting

We met this wonderful person at their favourite coffee shop.

This client was an existing NDIS participant with an NDIA-managed plan. As the person  lives alone, they approached All About You Supports because they wanted:

  • Additional supports put in place to maintain their independence
  • To change their plan from NDIA-managed to Plan-managed

The initial assessment took place and the person had a support worker attend also. The discussion revealed that the participant had a number of personal goals in addition to their NDIS goals.

These personal goals included:

  • Improving strength
  • Attending a gym regularly
  • Maintaining a healthier lifestyle
  • Improving eating habits

These personal goals aligned with some of the participant’s NDIS goals, which meant they were able to access funding to support them (for example, gym visits would be covered by the NDIS).

At the conclusion of our initial assessment, we outlined the services that AAYS could help with. We established a service agreement and formally requested access to the participant’s NDIS information.

Supports required to soar

The initial assessment had revealed the need for an increased level of in-home support.

The participant had been receiving support from in-home carers three days a week; we increased this to five days a week for sessions of approximately five hours.

For two days a week the participant goes to a local gym (with the help of a carer) where their workouts are done with a personal trainer.

The participant finds the sessions very rewarding, undertaking a range of exercises including lifting weights and doing bar pull ups. This participant is highly motivated, which means attending regularly and always doing their best not to miss a session.

Through the participant’s NDIS plan, they are able to attend the gym without a traditional membership contract. Instead, the participant pays week by week for access to the gym and the support of the trainer.

Addressing unique challenges

There are some communication challenges for this client. There is a need for significant help with reading and writing. Also the support of a Speech Pathologist who is seen frequently. The Speech Pathologist sends regular reports to keep AAYS up to date on progress.

This client also changed their personal trainer after commencing at the gym. The participant felt that the first trainer was quite advanced, so together with the support worker they were able to openly communicate with the trainers about finding the right fit.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also been a challenge. This client has adjusted extremely well and hasn’t let it shake their determination to meet their goals.

While unable to attend the gym at the moment, the participant takes part in zoom training sessions with the personal trainer, and has found items around the house to use in place of the usual weights.

If the participant has an ongoing need for weights at home, All About You Supports will coordinate that.

Building the strength to soar

This client is a true success story and has achieved a significant number of physical goals as well as meaningful personal goals.

The results demonstrate what can be achieved when someone ‘sticks at it’. The participant doesn’t take their health for granted and works hard to maintain the strength and independence already built.

We have had great feedback about the service AAYS has provided.

The client has even contacted us to show their appreciation, highlighting that it is our personalised approach that has helped to increase their confidence and independence.

We look forward to supporting this participant as they continue to achieve their goals well into the future.

How can we support you?

At AAYS, it is our mission to provide supports to enable the community to soar.

We were so proud to represent this person as they have such a beautiful soul, and taught us so much.

  • From improving walking, lowering falls risk to performing a push-up, AAYS understands the importance of physical capacity and we’ll help you as best as possible
  • You choose the goals, we help you achieve them
  • We work with you in the way you would like
  • We are an Australian-owned company

If you have any questions, please visit our contact page.