What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive Technology (AT) is NDIS terminology which refers to equipment, devices or systems that can support someone with daily activities. Assistive Technology is prescribed to help an individual to undertake tasks that they either, would not be able to achieve, or need support to achieve safely or easily.

Assistive Technology can include a wide range of items, from wheelchairs (both manual and electric), walkers through to specialised cutlery. It can also include technical devices such as tablets.

Assistive Technology may be appropriate for people who are:

  • Living with a disability
  • Elderly
  • Undergoing rehabilitation

Accessing Assistive Technology for NDIS Participants

Assistive Technology is typically prescribed by a relevant therapist or clinician. This may be an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Speech Pathologist, for example.

Requirements will vary significantly from person to person. An assessment is always undertaken to determine each individual’s need for particular assistance. A NDIS participant may trial several pieces of AT to decide which is best for them.

When Assistive Technology is being organised for an NDIS Participant, items costing under $1,500 can be typically paid for using existing NDIS funding as they are low cost items. In this case, an assessment may not be necessary.

If the assessment reveals that there is a need for assistive equipment (over $1,500), a request form will be completed to reflect the individual’s disability requirements and this is submitted to the NDIS. From there, it will be assessed and approved by the NDIS as appropriate.

AAYS and Assistive Technology

For more information about the role of Assistive Technology and how we can help, contact our team at All About You Supports.

In some instances, our team can help with applications to the NDIS for Assistive Technology, this is primarily through NDIS Support Coordination where we would engage an Allied Health professional on behalf of our client.

Does the NDIS cover high-cost Assistive Technology such as motorised wheelchairs or stairlifts?

Yes, they do.

Even major home modifications are classed as AT.

They require an individual assessment and prescription from an appropriate therapist. An NDIS Support Coordinator can assist with making arrangements for that to happen, the form is often referred to as an AT Request Form.

For clients who are fully managed by All About You Supports, we can arrange an assessment by an appropriate therapist such as:

  • An Occupational Therapist
  • A Physiotherapist
  • A Speech Pathologist

Additionally, we can help our clients understand their funding and budget appropriately.

Is All About You Supports able to work with disability equipment providers where appropriate?


While our team cannot advise or give recommendations about particular products, our carers and support workers are able to help by taking a client to meet disability equipment providers and to trial equipment.

Our carers can also transport clients to meet with family, equipment providers, medical professionals or family members who wish to support them with this process. This may involve meetings with medical professionals to discuss everything together.